Outside Concrete Coatings

Looking to do something with that plain old concrete on your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or pool deck?  Is your concrete discolored, chipped or damaged?  We can repair it and make it look better than new!


Sher-Crete Steps

Sher-Crete is a non-slip, breathable, flexible waterproofing coating designed for application on concrete and masonry surfaces.  It can be applied to fresh concrete and is perfect as a new coating over repaired, old concrete.


It is available in almost any color.  For additional wear resistance, a sealer can be applied over it.

Entry Before

Plain concrete entry way coated with SherCrete w/darker colored border.  Use your imagination - just about anything can be done.


Tuff Stuff On Pool Deck

Tuff-Stuff is a rubber crumb urethane safety coating that is designed to be applied to outside concrete surfaces. It is perfect for sidewalks, steps, swimming pool decks and patios, providing a tuff, non-slip surface that protects and beautifies the concrete. It can also be applied to wood and metal surfaces to protect your decks and docks. It can be custom blended to virtually any color.

The installation process consists of an epoxy primer coat and two coats of the Tuff-Stuff coating.

This product is extremely durable. You can remove snow with a shovel, a snow blower or your even your snowplow.

Elite Crete Overlays and Stains

Click Here for Elite Crete information